Sonia Davids

Name: Sonia Davids 
Age / Gender : Young Adult Female
Traits: Artistic, Loves The Outdoors, Great Kisser, Absent-Minded, Photographer's Eye

Thanks to the following cc creators:

Skin - Watermelon, Blush - Robokitty, Eyes - Praline sims, Eyebrows - by Shady converted by Deluved1, Hair - Peggy, Everyday dress - ilikemusic64 @ TSR.

"Sorry to the cc creators I have  not mentioned but sometimes it is hard to remember where I get everything from if you see something that is yours or you know who created it please let me know so I can give credit."

Terms of Use
1. Please do not copy and claim as your own.
2. If you wish to use my sims as templates this is ok but please let me know first. 
3. Feel free to use my sims in your stories legacies etc no permission is needed for this.
Thanks :)